Online Courses

Our Courses are brought to you by one of the best Muay Thai coaches in the world, Master O. These courses are built upon his over 20 years of Muay Thai coaching experience, where champions were born and instructors were made. For the first time, Master O reveals his secrets of Muay Thai and Krabi-Krabong teachings to the world. A good coach not only possesses profound technical knowledge himself or herself, but also need to be able to articulate it to the learners, to explain the principles and reasons behind each movement. And Master O happens to be such a coach. You will have a better understanding of every technique when you learn from him.

These are pre-recorded online courses which you can learn at your own comfortable pace. Practice routines are given in the videos for you to practice after the class. Your journey to learning Thailand martial arts begins right here, right now!

Muay Thai

 This is a rare opportunity for people around the world who want to learn authentic Muay Thai but don’t have time to travel to Thailand. It is a treat to Muay Thai practitioners who don’t have the luxury of traveling to Thailand all the time.


Thailand’s ancient martial art system using weapons such as the Krabi – curved sword, and krabong – staff or pole. Krabi-Krabong is used in conjunction with Muay Boran, using kicks, pressure point strikes, joint locks, holds, and throws.