Need Motivation to Run?

by | Apr 25, 2021 | Fitness, Tips

I must confess.

As a fitness trainer and martial art coach, I don’t like running at all. But I managed to trick myself into regular running a few times a week and reaped tremendous benefits out of it. I feel energetic, lively, and full of vigor most of the time. 

So here are the secret tricks, both from myself and my runner friends.

1.  Set an interesting destination

Maybe there are some small attractions of the town that you haven’t visited. Maybe there is a cultural cite or an old alley of your childhood that you have meant to check out but kept missing your busy schedule. Here are some ideas:

A. Grocery shopping

​I use my grocery shopping needs as the motivation. Whenever I need to go for grocery, I choose to run to the grocery store. Which store I choose depends on how far I would like to run that day. 

B. Parks, attractions, shopping malls

Maybe there is a small park a few kilometers away from your house or workplace, a canal or greenery that are relaxing to stroll along, or even a shopping mall with your favorite stores. Try using them as your destination so you look forward to the run.

C. CNA’s “Up Your Alley” Series

Channel News Asia introduced a new series in Nov 2020 to uncover hidden gems around Singapore. These are not the big famous attractions that most people have been to, but some cultural and heritage experience that’s worth exploring – a different type of tour.

D. Do a brainstorming with yourself

Only you know yourself the best. What are some other destinations that can motivate you? For me, as a cat lover, I also carry treats and run through some places that I know have stray cats. These lovely furry friends are huge motivation for me to pay them a visit.

2.  Use your “guilty” desire

It is never healthy to go for the extreme, even for clean eating. Bubble teas are not the devil; too much calories are. So if you have some unquenchable desire such as bubble tea, you can set the bubble tea store as your running destination. Doesn’t the bubble tea taste even better after a good sweaty run?

3. Order your meal and pick up

Thanks to Food Panda’s “Pickup Your Meal” promotions, which often offer discounts as much as 15-30% when you choose to pick up your meals instead of having them delivered, it may worth a run to the restaurant/stall. Sometimes the restaurant is closing soon and I had to increase my running speed to catch them in time. Isn’t that great?!

Need Motivation to Run?

4. Use technology

If you enjoy zombie and adrenaline-raising stories just like I do, you can try this interesting running app Zombies, Run! With this app, you can walk or jog while hearing your Zombie mission and music through your headphones. If you’re being  chased by zombies, you’ll have to speed up.

Need Motivation to Run?

Another amazing app is Relive. By recording your foot tracks with this app, whether you are walking, running, cycling, or hiking, and taking some photos along your way, you can keep a beautiful journal of your outdoor activities. The app makes stunning virtual 3D video tours of your journeys for you to boast to your friends. Who’s ready to show off?

Need Motivation to Run?

5. Have fun with your footpath

Inspiration from a friend of mine, Kelvin Ng, who was having fun with drawing on the map with his feet during the COVID-19 lockdown period. A number of apps can help you do this, such as Footpath Route Planner.

Need Motivation to Run?

6. Participate in virtual competitions

More and more organizations and companies are offering virtual run competitions and challenges following the pandemic. Some are free while some charge a small fee and offer prizes. They also offer you a community in the virtual space. You can invite your friends and family to participate in the virtual competition with you. 

7. Make it a good cause

So there you are, seven tips for motivating your walk/jog/run. Regular cardiorespiratory exercises help you manage weight and keep chronic diseases at bay, fuel your energy and raise your spirits. Why not start planning now and explore a new lifestyle!

Did you know that your activity can be converted to meals for donation to the underprivileged? For example, the Vizer app donates a meal on your behalf every day you reach your steps / activity goal.

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